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Beauty. Luxury. Elegance. Imagine walking into a commercial space and being greeted by features that simply emanate style and class with minimal fuss.

At Amazon Interiors, we understand more than most that no matter the size and shape of a premises; functionality and aesthetic appeal should always go hand in hand.

For 20 years now our team, run by world-class carpenter Jose De Andrade, has been at the forefront of creating luxury work spaces at the highest levels.

In that time, we’ve turned the mundane into the captivating, the basic into the most prominent, and the general into irresistible comfort.

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Luxury That Speaks for Itself

Our specialist team strive to provide quality, reliability and performance with every new project that we undertake. We’re most famous for:

Why Choose Us

Our Reputation

For over two decades, we’ve striven to provide the most effective and efficient services with the desires of our clientele in mind. Over the years we’ve developed a reputation based on quality, performance and conduct.

Our Reliability

If you’re fed up with dealing with broken promises, unfair attitudes and ridiculous demands you’ll be pleased to learn that our reliability is agreed upon by countless clients. We make a point of only making promises that we can keep.

Our Experience

Led by renowned and qualified interior and exterior carpenter, joiner and designer Jose De Andrade, we’ve spent years honing our expertise to ensure that our clients receive the optimum level of service from our team.

Our Ethics

There aren’t many companies that can do what we do and still offer an ethical level of expertise. Whether you’re in need of eco-friendly materials or organic compounds, we are here to help every step of the way.

Our Responsiveness

So many of our competitors keep their clients waiting, but with Amazon Interiors responsiveness is one of our top priorities. We strive to get in touch with you without delay, so that we can get your project underway.

Our Affordability

Although we pride ourselves on using state of the art equipment combined with our incredible level of experience, we still strive to remain competitively priced and can always discuss budget with potential clients to ensure a fair arrangement.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Mr José de Andrade has executed most of our construction work over the past 8 years.

Amazon Interiors has always impressed us with his high level of on-site supervision to ensure we achieved deadlines, often under tight constraints.

Liz Fernandes

Amazon performed a high standard of work are very professional and the staff is friendly and trustworthy.

We can strongly recommend Amazon Interiors for any building/renovation project which needs to
be performed.

Elize Sewell

Michelin Tyres

Amazon Interiors have done work for DHL  20 years.

I have found them to be responsive and professional in their undertakings and innovate in many respects.

They consistently go out of their way & I fully recommend them. 

Samuel Poonsamy

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With over 25 years of experience in corporate interiors,
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